Question #1

"How did you start writing cookbooks?"

It all began when my Mom, Sharon McFall, had this crazy idea to write a cookbook. She is not only my Mom but my best friend. So she included me in the cookbook writing process by running her ideas by me to see what I thought about them and having me test her recipes before they were included in the book. I had so much fun I decided I wanted to write a cookbook too. 

I live in New Mexico and I have a ton of Mexican style recipes, so I began telling my Mom that she needed to write a Mexican cookbook. After sharing my idea - about writing a Mexican cookbook, okay, I wasn't actually sharing my idea it was more like bugging the poor woman. She finally said, "If you want a Mexican cookbook so badly why don't you write one yourself?" A year later after lots of testing and perfecting recipes my book was completed. It will soon be republished with Meredith Publishing.

Question #2

"How do you come up with your recipes?"

Like I said before, I eat, breath, and literally dream about food! I carry around a small notebook wherever I go so I am always ready to write down new ideas. When I go to a restaurant I try to figure out how to recreate what I am eating. When I see a recipe with 20 ingredients I began thinking about how to cut it down to only a few ingredients without losing the flavor. Friends, family, and strangers on the street generously share their favorite quick and easy recipes with me. I also sponsor recipe contests throughout the Midwest.


"Are you a chef?"

No I am not. I am a home cook who loves cooking but doesn't have hours to spend in the kitchen. My great grandmother was an adult education cooking instructor, so I grew up learning how to cook not only from my mom but from my grandmother and great grandmother. My grandmother and great grandmother cooked the traditional way - everything from scratch and spending a lot of time in the kitchen. My mom began modifying their recipes and came up with new fast ways to get the same flavors but spend less time in the kitchen. She shared all the tips and secrets with me and I will share them with you!