Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Picnic Tips

It's summer, so it is time to take the food outside for a nice picnic.  Below are a few tips I use when  planning a picnic.

Picnic Tips

1. If I am planning on using a picnic table, I purchase an inexpensive plastic tablecloth and matching plates, cups, paper napkins, and plastic ware.   Lounging around on a picnic blanket is wonderful if the ground is dry.  I take a tarp to lay under our blanket to ensure a dry comfy place to sit.

2. I try to plan my food so I will not have a lot of leftovers.  Leftover food can spoil easily on a hot day.

3. I don't pack ice cream or hard to eat desserts.  Instead I pack cupcakes, cookies, or bars.

4. I try to make food interesting.  I like to serve salad in half of a pita instead of just placing it on the plate.

5. Do not partially grill or cook your food to make cooking quicker when you get to your picnic area.  You must completely cook meat to destroy bacteria.

6. To keep from digging around in the cooler looking for items, I pack the cooler in reverse order.  Last thing I will be eating goes in first.  The first item I plan to eat, is the last thing I pack.

7. I make food the night before and refrigerator it, so it will be chilled before it goes in the cooler.

8. Instead of adding ice to our cool drinks, I add sliced frozen fruit.

9. I also pack sun block, wet-ones, and bug spray.

Strange but true! 
I am a regular guest on my friend, George's, "Foodie Friday" radio segment on KICD AM 1240, which broadcasts in Iowa.  We were talking about picnic tips when he asked me if I had ever used Listerine to keep the bugs away when on a picnic.  I told him that was a new one to me!  But according to, George, his wife sprays Listerine around the picnic blanket and the bugs stay away. 

What are your picnic tips?

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  1. Not surprising about the Listerine that is some strong stuff! Thanks for the tips!

  2. Great tips, thanks Linda. Have a fantastic weekend. Diane

  3. I love the listerine idea!! ...Because I am a mosquito resting ground. I wonder if the mint flavored listerines work too...?
    Your tips are great, the frozen fruit one is very cool. I like to freeze water bottles the night before so they act as my ice in the cooler and my beverage once they've thawed.

  4. Listerine? I learned something new.

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Slow Roasted Italian!

    Thanks, Diane! I hope you have a great weekend too!

    Abby, my son is a mosquito magnet too! I will ask George about the mint flavored Listerine.

    Bo, I know, it is really strange to use mouthwash to keep bugs away!

  6. I have heard of people spraying listerine around their decks before to keep bugs away but never thought to take it with me for a picnic. I am going to have to try that. Thanks for all the tips!

  7. Great tips Linda. I didn't know about the Listerine either. Now what about seagulls or raccoons? :D

  8. Bad news is the Listerine didn't work. Good news is the ants that stole our food had fresh breath! (ha ha kidding, never tried it)

  9. I am with Bo... Listerine? I learned something new. Wow! Thanks for all the great tips.

  10. I am always amazed by all your wisdom! The frozen fruit in drinks is brilliant and I am quite intrigued by the listerine. I guess I need to invest in another spray bottle so I will be prepared for our misquito season (that is if we ever get rain. pray that we do!)

  11. There is nothing more summery than a wonderfully planned picnic.


  12. I do learn something new when I visit you; Listerine is a great tip,

  13. Great tips! Like the frozen fruit idea very much.... never heard about Listerine bu will try it.
    I freeze drinking boxes and bottles of water to help keep my picnic basket cold.

  14. Great ideas for a super picnic - who knew about the Listerine - brilliant!