Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Iowa State Fair

I love the Iowa State Fair!  There are all kinds of fun, amazing, and strange things to see.  I sit at a table in the Elwell Family Food Building where I autograph my new cookbook.  It is right next to the new hot attraction to see at the fair, the Chocolate Moose.  The moose is 10 1/2 feet tall and carved out of delicious chocolate.  I keep waiting for some small kid to try and take a bite out of it.

I haven't been able to get out of the building and see the sights, so my friend Darrellyn snapped a few photos for me.

The Butter Cow is an Iowa tradition.  It is a life sized cow, carved out of butter.  You haven't been to the fair until you have seen the cow.  Along with the cow, they always make other figures out of butter.  This year they had character from Disney's Sleeping Beauty. 

A strange sight to see at the fair is a demonstration on how to wash a chicken.  I don't know why you would want to wash a chicken, but apparently it is done.  I guess if you are entering it in a contest, you would need to groom it like you would a dog.

One of my favorite things to see at the fair are the beautiful cakes.


Next Tuesday, I will post pictures of the Ugly Cakes.

Check out my Facebook page for more pictures, and to see the new fair food items, like the Bacon Corn Dog and the Everything Square.

My new cookbook will be available at the Iowa State Fair, and soon it will be available at schools, businesses, hospitals, and book fairs in cities across the United States.  Be sure to pick up a copy or two, when you see them.  They make great gifts!

Check back on Friday, 
for the prize winning recipes that I am judging this week! 

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  1. Yeah.. why would someone wash a chicken. lol.
    Those cake are beautiful! The talent is amazing.
    Congrats on the new cookbook ~

  2. I have to say, this is one of your "butter" posts! Wait, I should "clarify" that statement.

    ha ha ha ha ha, I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.