Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tip: Double Duty Pizza Cutter

I love utensils that you can use more than one way. Next time you make a quesadilla, grab a pizza cutter to slice it.  It works so much better than a knife. It slices cleanly and easily through the tortillas without pushing the ingredients out the sides the way it does when you use a knife.  I always start in the middle and cut to the outer edge.

In this photo I am slicing my Chicken Surprise Quesadilla.  Check back on Friday when I post the recipe to find out what the surprise is!


  1. thats a nice tip! waiting for the recipe!

  2. Thanks Uma! I think you will love the Chicken Surprise Quesadilla.

  3. I've used my pizza cutter the same way for years - it makes good clean cuts and evenly. :)

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