Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tip: Storing Fruit and Vegetables

I love fresh fruit and vegetables.  Knowing how and where produce should be stored, not only extends the life of the fruit and vegetables but helps me get the most flavor out of them.   

How you store fruit and vegetables will effect not only their taste but their texture as well.  Almost all fruit and vegetables can be stored in the refrigerator.Some of the exceptions include:

  • Bananas
  • Lemons and Limes (They have a tendency to absorb odors / flavors from the refrigerator)
  • Tomatoes (their texture becomes mealy if refrigerated)
  • Potatoes, garlic, onions,  

All of these should be stored in a cool, dry place at room temperature, not in direct sunlight.

Both pineapples and apples can be stored in the refrigerator or at room temperature.  My husband likes pulling a crisp, cool apple out of the refrigerator on a hot summer afternoon. He says it reminds him of pulling them right off the tree on the way to school when he was growing up back in Iowa  Since most of the sugar in a pineapple is concentrated in the bottom of the fruit I like to store them upside down to allow the sweetness to spread.

Store berries in the refrigerator and wash just before you eat them.

Treat asparagus and herbs the same way.  Wash asparagus and herbs.  Dry them well.  Cut the ends off the asparagus and herbs.  Place stem side down,  in a glass of water. Wrap tops in a paper towel.

If you don't want to take the time to do all the prep work on the asparagus, just wrap the stems in a damp paper towel until your ready to prepare.

I don't have room in my refrigerator to store herbs in glasses of water.  I wash and dry my herbs, then wrap them in a paper towel and place them in plastic bags.

Always store meat and fruit and vegetables separate.  The crisper drawer is the best place to store produce.  The moisture produced in the drawer, will help to keep the produce fresher longer.

These are just a few of the tips I use to make the most of my fruits and vegetables.  I would love to hear your tips on storing produce.   


  1. very helpful information Linda.
    I didnt knew tomatoes can be stored even at room temperature.
    For greens even I use paper towels, but i wash them just before using. Your way looks convenient while cooking. I'll try glass of water for herbs, thats cool.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for all these tips, I will certainly be using them all over the next few months. Diane

  3. Thanks for sharing ..very useful tips

  4. good post. I'm with your husband on the cold crisp apples...love them (I grew up in an orchard in SD, right next to Iowa. We use to jump the boarder and squeal with delight). I was reading in my cookbook how even after you cut a tomato and you have 1/2 left over you should store it on your counter wrapped in plastic wrap and use in 2 days versus storing the the fridge.

  5. This is very informative post, thanks for sharing dear but had problem with coriander leaves even how much I wrapped with kitchen towel it still turned black after a few days, any remedy for this?

  6. Great tips here! Interesting with the asparagus and I will try it! Thanks!

  7. Thanks for the great tips and reminders, Linda. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  8. Sorry for the delay in posting the comments. My husband and I took a couple of R&R days and went to Durango, Colorado. We shut off the cell phones and left the laptops at home. Thanks for all the nice comments.

    I love the tip on leaving the cut tomato on the counter. I will have to try it. As for the coriander leaves (aka cilantro), I have had a bunch of them in my refrigerator for about a week now. My friend has a beautiful garden and always shares his crop with me. It is such a big bunch of coriander that I did not clean it. I just wrapped it in paper towel and put it inside of a plastic grocery bag. It still looks fresh. Time to make salsa!

  9. Hi Linda! Thanks for the great tips for storing produce and herbs, especially with spring in full swing I am sure we will all soon have a bounty of fruits and veggie in our fridges! I use the same method as you do for storing my fresh herbs, and I find it works really well (even with cilantro). Although I must admit, I have been storing my potatoes and onions in the fridge for years now... I had no idea the should be stored outside the fridge! Thanks again for the info! :)

  10. Hi, Linda: Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am enjoying my visit here!

    I'd never heard that you shouldn't store limes and lemons in the frig. I am always looking for anything that will make them last longer.

  11. Lemons and limes absorb odors from your refrigerator, effecting their flavor. But oranges can be stored in the refrigerator.