Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Size Matters

I am a news junky!  It is amazing all of the interesting facts you can pick up from all the different types of media available to us.  One of my favorite ways to keep up with the news, is by reading it on my phone.

Recently I read that I could lose weight just by picking the right fork.  I have known for a long time that eating on a smaller plate would help you lose weight, so I assumed I should pick the small fork too.  It made sense to me.  Small plate and small fork equals a smaller amount consumed.  Wrong!  I should have been using the larger fork.  I can now blame my lack of weight lose on using the wrong fork!  It is not my lack of exercise or the extra calories that I sometimes eat, it is the forks fault!  I think I will blame the plate too just so the fork doesn't feel picked on.

In the study, they gave people the same size plates of spaghetti, but part of the people used small forks, and the others used large forks.  At the end of the meal they weighed the plates of spaghetti, and found that the group that used the large forks ate less food.  According to the diners that used the smaller fork, they felt like the consumed less because the fork was small, so they ate more.

I am going to give this a try, and start eating with a large fork.  Are you going to give it a try too?

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  1. I find if I don't take my Xanax I get anxious and don't (can't) eat so much. Reverse medication is the answer.

  2. Mitinita http://mitinitta.blogspot.com/ has left a new comment on your post "Size Matters":

    I'm blaming the fork too for the extra kgs...you know what's the best diet? Hide the fork:)))

    I don't know why I try to use my phone to publish comments. I end up deleting about half of them when I do. That is what happened with this comment. Apparently, I am not smart enough for my smart phone, because I deleted this comment.

    Sorry Mitinita!

  3. Well I knew my weight wasn't all my fault. Always thought it was the large plate now realize all these years it was the wrong fork!

  4. That's fascinating. I eat with the small/salad fork usually...I'm going to try the big/dinner fork tonight :)

  5. The problem with small plates is I always get 2nds.

  6. Linda,don't worry about it,especially that you've reposted it. I'd have no idea how to do that either from my phone:)) Saw a diet spoon today in the gift shop,it was a spoon with a hole in the middle.

  7. What an interesting post! Never thought of it that way, size do matter!

  8. Great! Now I know who to blame for this extra fat! Off to buy a pitchfork!!!

  9. I've 2 sizes of fork too & few sizes of plates. I always go with my mood. Maybe I should learn from u :) Have a good week, dear!

  10. Thats funny! A pitchfork sounds good to me!

  11. LMAO at Laurie :)

    I like smaller plates but haven't messed with the forks.