Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday's Tips & Trick: Another Garilc Trick

A couple of months ago, I got an email asking for a tip on how to peel garlic.  I wrote two posts on the subject, Peeling Garlic and Peeling Garlic II.  When I was at my Mom's last week, she gave me a another tip to pass along to you.

Put the cloves of garlic you want peeled on a microwave safe plate.  

Microwave for 15 seconds.

The garlic heats up and expands, causing the peel to crack.

The clove easily slips out of the peeling!

Thanks Mom, for yet another great tip!

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  1. Linda Thank you so much for all of these garlic peeling tricks! As of late, instead of loathing the task of peeling garlic, I have been having so much fun trying out all of your tips and tricks!

  2. I find garlic very appealing;)

  3. Thanks thats a keeper now no fussing abt peelinf garlic.