Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Acron Squash Tip

It can be hard to cut an Acorn Squash.  To make it easier, I take a fork and prick the skin on one side in a crease made by the ribs of the acorn, from the end to the stem.

Microwave the squash for 2 minutes.  Use hot pads to remove the squash from the microwave and place on a cutting board. Cut the squash along the line where you pricked it with the fork.  Now you are ready to make my Acorn Squash recipe that I will be posting on Friday.


Check back on Friday, for  my
Acorn Squash recipe! 

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  1. Great tip! The squash is great and now I will buy it more often after seeing this!

  2. So I should put my machete away then? Awwwww man, you never let me have any fun ;)