Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tip: Salt to the Rescue!

I was so klutzy growing up that my mom put me in dance classes hoping to cure the problem.  I took tap, jazz, ballet, even Hawaiian dance classes (I had a beautiful hot pink metallic hula skirt.  Totally made the stumbling around worth it!).  It didn't help.  I am still klutzy and to top it off I can't dance!  All that money down the drain.  With a klutzy kid like me, my poor mom had to be on top of easy clean up tips.

Here is one of those tips: To clean cooking spills in your oven, sprinkle salt on it immediately and finish baking.  The spillover will turn to ash when the oven cools and can be removed easily.


  1. Soooo Cute ! I make a lot of pies and they always spill over.... I WILL be trying your tip ! THANKS LINDA !