Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Warning: Blogging can be dangerous! Part II

A while back I wrote a post called Warning: Blogging can be dangerous!  In that post I talked about how I sometimes get distracted by my blog when I am cooking.  Apparently I have not learned my own lesson.

A couple of days ago I was cooking up my Grilled Dry Rub Steaks recipe on the grill that is located on the back deck of our house.  I had the sliding glass door open with the radio station where I have my show playing softly in the background.  I had my camera in hand and was trying to get a good picture of the steaks so I could use it on my blog.
I heard a strange noise, but I was so focused on taking pictures, I decided I would take a look after I had the pictures I wanted.  It was only after I noticed out of the corner of my eye, that our dog, Buddy, was backing slowly up towards the open door, that I finally took a look to find out what that strange noise was.

It was a rattlesnake!  Only 4 feet away from me, at the edge of the deck, coiled up, tail rattling, head up in the air, hissing at me.  I don't think I have ever been that scared before. I slowly backed up into the house.

My husband arrived at home just a couple of minutes after I had barricaded myself and Buddy inside.  My fearless hero grabbed a shovel and went to kill the snake.  After a few attempts to kill the snake, the deed was done.

We ate our slightly charred, but delicious steaks, then my husband went outside to bury the snake.  At this point I should have know there was something wrong.  Our dog would not go outside.  As my husband stepped outside on the deck he heard a rattle.  There in the same place was another rattlesnake.  A few whacks latter and that snake was history too.

I have learned my lesson again, about the dangers of being distracted by your blog.  At least I hope I have!

Oh, by the way, does anyone have a recipe for BBQ rattlesnake?

Check back on Friday, when I post my recipe for the delicious
Grilled Dry Rub Steaks. 
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  1. Gee! BBQ snake is not a favourite of mine! I prefer the slightly charred steak. :P
    That was a scary moment! Whew! Your knight in shining armour came to your rescue! Hurray!

  2. Oh my gosh! I like that your dog, instead of alerting you, slowly backs away!

  3. They look like little Prairie Rattlesnakes. If you want to try a rattlesnake recipe, you'll need to find a big, juicy Western Diamondback! ;-)

  4. This brings back memories of living in Zimbabwe, not rattlers, but spitting cobras and puff adders. My mother killed a female cobra in the shower that was 1/2 inch under record length!!! My husband shot 2 cobras and one puff adder in our house! Lucky the bullets never ricocheted off the wall, but think they were too soft. Left us looking a bit like a war zone though!!
    I know the feeling, it makes you want to look over your shoulder for a bit and I actually am a bit odd, I like snakes:) Diane

  5. Forgot to add:)
    Deep-Fried Rattlesnake Steaks Recipe
    Ingredients Needed:
    1 three to four pound rattlesnake, cut into steaks
    1/2 cup flour
    1/4 cup cornmeal
    1/4 cup cracker crumbs
    1/2 cup milk
    1 egg
    1/4 teaspoon garlic powder - powdered garlic only, not garlic salt.
    1 teaspoon table salt
    Dash of pepper
    Mixing Instructions:
    Mix the dry ingredients together.
    Beat the egg then thoroughly mix milk with egg using a whisk or fork.
    Dip snake steaks into the milk & egg mixture, soaking and coating them thoroughly.
    Roll steaks in the dry ingredients until covered.
    Fry steaks, uncovered, in 400 degree oil until brown.
    According to my friend Todd, and my father, the rattlesnake steaks taste like chicken.


  6. Oh. My. GOD. That is terrifying! I wouldn't care how my steak turned out! No snake recipes, sorry!

  7. BusyGtan, I'll stick to steaks too!

    Pam, my bog my be big but he is a chicken. We had to force him to go back outside after the snakes were dead.

    David, I hope I never see bigger snake! Yuck!

    Abby, as soon as my dog came in the house he grabbed his stuffed animals and stayed far away from the door.

    Diane, you have live such an interesting life. That is one of the reasons your blog is so much fun to read! Thanks for the recipe. I hope I never see another snake!

    Recipe for Delicious, I wasn't hungry after the snake encounter but my husband was.

  8. OMG...I would never venture outside again!!! I HATE snakes...I mean one snake is one thing..but THREE??? UGH..I'd have to move the grill in to the house! lol

  9. That gave me the shivers! We don't have rattlesnakes where I live, thank goodness. Poor things- they probably just couldn't resist the wonderful smell wafting from your grill. With this proliferation of snakes though, that seem to be drawn to your home, you really should stock up on some rattlesnake recipes. Here's one for Spicy Rattlesnake Pasta: http://www.rattlesnakerecipe.us/
    Can't wait for the recipe for that "snake bait" dry rub. I'll be sure though, to keep my eyes open when I use it!

  10. OMG!!! That is frightening!! I do not like snakes... even the "good" ones! Use caution, my friend! Use caution! LOL!

  11. Linda, that is definitely a dramatic, scary way to be grilling! Glad the outcome was good and your fearless hero saved the day! You need a gun if you don't have one! And, I hope you're not doing any grilling today!

  12. Awwww! cute picture of Buddy!!! What a good dog!
    BBQ Rattlesnake? Chop head off, put in bag, throw in trash ! Delicious! Glad no one got bit!

  13. Oh my, so glad you and the dog are alright - how scary

  14. Oh my gosh, TWO rattlesnakes!?!? Thank goodness for the warning action from your dog! YIKES!

  15. Jenn,I haven't grilled since the snake encounter. Maybe I should move it.

    scrambledhenfruit, we have lived in our house for 10 years, this is the first time we have had rattlesnakes by the house. Three years ago I saw one at the end of our driveway.

    Tanna at Brick Street Bungalow, I hate snakes too!

    Hydrant Girl, I agree!

    Pam, I have a pellet gun. Will that work?

    JeriLyn, Buddy is a good dog! Well, sometimes he is a good dog.

    Jennifurla, I really look where I am going now when I am outside.

  16. Sue, I had never been that close to a rattlesnake before so if it wasn't for the dog I wonder how long it would have taken for me to look for the strange noise I was hearing.

  17. Yikes! I have a son who catches garter snakes daily around here, BUT that sighting would have us both running in the house.

    Thanks for stopping by and following AND for educating me on fleur de sel :)

  18. Yikes! I've heard of rattlesnake as a dining option but think I'd have to pass on that one! Maybe your two thought they were invited to the cookout?!!


  19. Eeek! Just reading your post sent chills down my spine. Snakes and bugs and anything of the sort freak me out big time. It sounds like you were much calmer than I would have been!

  20. Petie, I know most snakes are harmless but these snakes were not. The neighbors have little kids and I am glad they were in our yard and not theirs.

    Bonnie, I have had rattlesnake in a restaurant before but I do not plan to cook my rattlesnake visitors. Maybe next time I will with all the recipes I am getting. Then again, maybe not!

    baking.serendipity, I was calmer than my bog but that's not saying much.

  21. Oh my! I have to agree with the commenter above me that it's pretty funny that your dog backed away first. Lets hope that no more of the little (big) guys show up for dinner.

  22. Good grief, I think I would have died on the spot.
    The only live snake I have ever seen, other than in a zoo, was last month when Lulu found an adder in the grass. Not having a shovel handy, we beat a hasty retreat.

  23. smart puppy! I so wish I had my own cookbook.

    have a fab night!


  24. Hi Linda! I'm so glad that you found me. Thank you for the follow. I can see that I am going to learn a lot here at your house. Can't wait.
    Snakes... ughhhh!!!!
    Have a great day.

  25. Thanks for stopping by and for following me. Your blog looks very yummy. I know I am going to learn so much about cooking from you blog.

    Happy Day!

  26. This is such a frightening experience. I, now know why, I live in the big city - no rattlesnakes. Lots of other dangers though.

    I got so involved in your rattlesnake, I forgot what I was focusing on.

    You make your recipes just as interesting.

  27. Okay - the food was great - but tell me why he would go out and kill the snakes - wasn't he afraid he'd get bitten? WHEW?


  28. Wow..sounds so scary!! Thankfully none of you is hurt!

  29. Scary, coming from Texas where my relatives killed them on farms and their ranch, and once I was cornered by a very large tarantula that seemed like it was eye'ing me for dinner :) I kind of like char on my meat, but glad you guys were safe!

  30. Yikes!! Where do you live that you found 2 rattlesnakes in your backyard. That's some pretty scary stuff.
    Glad to hear that no one was hurt.

  31. Yikes!! Where in the world do you live in that there are so many rattlesnakes? That is some pretty scary stuff. Glad to hear that everyone is okay.

  32. Oh gosh! My son keeps snakes, but of course nothing venomous. I pat myself on the back that I am able to handle having them in the house, but if I came across a rattler, I think I'd faint! So glad you are all OK.

  33. Linda I would have to move!!!

  34. Grace, I am going to keep an eye on that dog, if he is too quiet, I know something is wrong.

    Jean, I wish all snakes were in the zoo!

    Fashion Meets Food, you should write your own cookbook. It is a lot of work but so much fun!

    Leslie, one of my favorite thing about blogging is learning from each other!

    Jenny, thanks for following me too!

    Sweet and Savory, the city has some nice advantages!

    Chatty Crone, we have neighbors with small kids and my husband was afraid one of them would be hurt.

    faithy, the baker, I am so glad my dog was outside with me. I was getting ready to move over toward the snake to get a better angle on the steaks I was cooking.

    Chef E, I have heard horror stories about snakes in Texas but I hadn't heard about tarantulas.

    Kim, we live in New Mexico.

    Crazymom, I hate snake! I would not want to touch them even if they were pets. You are very brave!

    Bo, you might have a point there! I love my house and the land it is on, but I hate snakes! How's Alabama?

  35. oh my, that is funny! Scary, but funny! I've done similar where I've ignored everything around me trying to get pictures of my food, nothing quite so eventful has happened though!

    Can't wait to see Rattlesnake stew on the blog! :-)

  36. Thanks for following. I'm now following you back. I can totally relate to the snake story. My 10 & 11 yr. olds are always catching snakes at the wetlands on our property. They brought home a 4 ft. long black snake and left it in their bedroom. It got out of the cage when they weren't home and as I was walking into the kitchen it was slithering down the steps taking a tour of the house. I almost passed out right there. No hissing though. :)

  37. Debbie, I am amazed at how caught up we can get in our blogs! If blogging wasn't so much fun I would quit.

    Lisa, thanks for following me too! I bet your kids thought it was funny.

    Lani, I am still a little scared! I really look and walk slowly now when I am outside.

  38. Please stop by my blog:


  39. OH MY GOSH! I'd have to move. To heck with the dog not wanting to go outside, you'd never get me to go back outside EVER again...LOL!

  40. Is this a common occurence in New Mexico?
    In south Georgia we have large rattlers, but I live further north. Up in this part we have smaller rattlers, moscasins and copperheads, but so far I have not encountered any - not sure I would sleep after that if I did. I'm a real ninny when it comes to poisonous snakes.

  41. Sweet and Savory, thank you for mentioning me on your blog! You are a sweetheart!

    Mags, I am very cautious now when I go outside.

    Mya, we have lived in our house for 10 years. In all that time, this is only the second time I have seen rattlesnakes. The first time was three years ago and it was at the end of our driveway by the road. I hope you don't encounter any of the snakes in your part of the world!

  42. Snake...hmm..that reminds me of Lord Voldemort in ...lOl..sorry, have been reading HP, so when I saw the snake, couldn't help but thinking of the dark lord.
    How about make a soup out of it?

  43. Am I ever glad I do not live near rattlesnakes - I would have died of a heart attack by just looking at them! Hope you'll never encounter another one, Linda!

  44. I lived in South Africa growing up, and snakes still make me cringe! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  45. Did the snake offer you an apple? =))

    My father ate rattlesnake once but I am not sure if it was grilled, will have to ask him!

  46. How scary! I haven't had it, but have heard that rattlesnake can be really good.

    Thanks for coming to see me!

  47. I hate snakes......we were moving to a wooded area with snakes and the first thing I wanted to buy was a Mongoose!! I'm glad everyone came out of this ok, especially your little guy!

  48. Oh dear God! I thought my life was bad when my daughter had to give me CPR. You win for a crazy blog story!!!!

  49. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog and your kindness. I could not even look..just scrolled quickly over it and I could hardly stand to hear about it! I wouldn't have even be able to eat the steaks-meat after it all happened! But...I will still follow you too and I will add you to my blog list also...just don't do this to me again!!! LOL :D

  50. Wow! Quite a blog entry. I don't know what I would have done. At least you and your dog were not hurt. Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours is much more interesting then mine.

  51. Well there actually are some advantages to living in cold wet Ireland ... St Patrick really did us a service getting rid of the snakes!!!!

    Be careful!

  52. I don't mind snakes, but couldn't eat a whole one. When I lived in the jungle (South Asia)we sometimes caught and ate snakes during monsoon, when they got flushed out of their burrows. They tasted like cat food, stir fried in decorator's soap, even Bamboo rats and crocodile were better than snake.

  53. Wow! What a story! I have to confess that I sometimes get distracted when blogging...I'll sit down for just 10 minutes and suddenly a whole hour has gone by. I've done it during cooking also, but thankfully I haven't had anything as wild happen as a snake in my yard!

    You're funny...I wonder if BBQ snake is good - it always look tasty on tv when the cowboys kill one and cook it over an open fire!!

  54. That is absolutely frightening. Snakes are one of my worst fears. I saw a lot of them in Arizona. I still have the rattler I found in the desert. Did you keep them from the two your husband so bravely "took care of?" I'm glad you and Buddy are safe. And that, despite the slight charring, you enjoyed dinner with your hubby.

    I get distracted often myself while blogging. =)