Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cooking Demos

I am flying to Iowa today to conduct Cooking Demos and judge cooking contests at the Iowa State Fair.  During the next two weeks I invite you to come along as I explore all that the Midwest has to offer when it comes to the time honored tradition of celebrating the annual State Fair.

I will post the winning recipes from each of the cooking contests I'm judging during my time at the fair. I promise, you're don't want to miss my next few post's, some of the most creative cooks I meet annually come from right here in the heart land of the United States.

Special thanks to Tom Perry of the Des Moines Register for the wonderful article that appeared in Sunday's newspaper.  Spotlight: Iowa heritage flavors author's cookbook

See you at the fair!

Cooking Demo Schedule:

"Quick & Easy Appetizers"      Friday, August 13th at 3:00PM
"Quick & Easy Desserts"         Sunday, August 15th at 4:00PM
"Quick & Easy Meals"             Friday, August 20th at 12:00PM
"Quick & Easy Recipes           Saturday, August 21st at 2:00PM

Cooking Contests:

"Holiday Cookies & Desserts"
Sponsored by: My Kind of Cooking
Thursday, August 12th at 10:30AM

"Quick & Easy Desserts"
Sponsored by: Successful Farming Magazine
Wednesday, August 18th at 3:30PM

A great giveaway can be found at my blogging buddy, Bo's Blog (say that three times fast), Bo's Bowl.   Not only does he have great giveaways,  his recipes are incredible!  One visit to his blog and you will see why I faithfully follow it.


  1. Hope you have a good safe trip!

  2. Linda, have a great time and I'm looking forward to your posts with all the winning recipes. Have a good trip!

  3. I would give anyting to be ther with you; how great!

  4. I love state fairs in the Midwest. So different then what they are out here in the desert! I wish I was closer, I would so be there! Enjoy your time demoing and judging! Looking forward to what you will be posting!

  5. Looking forward to the fair recipes.

  6. Will be looking forward to seeing whats coming up! Have a great time!

  7. Hope you have fun at the cooking demo. Look forward to the winning recipes!

  8. Linda, I am soooooooo excited to have won one of your cookbooks!! We are on family vacation and I only checked my e-mail late yesterday and blogs today!! Woo hoo! I love your recipes! And, I can't wait to see the ones from the State Fair! Thank you so very much! I'll be posting about it after we get back home!!

  9. You seem to travel a good bit with your cooking, and you go to interesting places/events.

    Wanted to tell you that I tried the "Italian Tomato/Basil Pin Wheels." They were pretty and delicious, and very easy to make. The hardest thing was finding a jar of sun-dried tomatoes - one store was completely out, and the other had only one jar left which I quickly claimed. Thank you

  10. Oh to judge a cooking contest. What a dream....

  11. It's a rough job, but somebody's got to do it, right? Have fun at the fair!

  12. Thanks for all the sweet comments! I will be posting lots of photos from the fair and the contests so be sure check back.

  13. That sounds exciting. Have fun! Happy eating. =)

  14. how exciting :) i can't wait to see the recipes!

  15. Can't wait to see your posts about the fair! We're close by in Omaha and I've heard great things about this fair.

  16. Judging sounds like a great time! Enjoy :)

  17. Have fun at the event. Just remember, when you are judging....try to be 'fair'! ha ha ha ha

    Yeah, that was dumb;)

  18. Hubby and I *just* drove back from Iowa (as in an hour ago) and were contemplating staying for the fair. We have to get back to our critters, but wouldn't that have been something to meet?

    Good luck and have fun!

  19. Hi LInda,
    What a fantastic event. I wish I could be there...
    Hipe you have a lovely and great time!

  20. Have a wonderful time and I can't wait to see the recipes you will be posting.

  21. Sounds like a lot of fun! I am looking forward to your posts about the fair. Bon voyage!