Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Alligator Bites & Tiger Sauce

I love to try new foods!  Whenever I travel, one of my favorite things to do is try the local cuisine.  You can really tell a lot about the place you are visiting by the food they eat.

I am visiting my family in Florida, and usually that means we eat a lot of fresh seafood cooked in every way imaginable.

Fried seafood, grilled seafood, boiled seafood; I could go on and on, but I am afraid I would begin sounding like Bubba in the Forrest Gump movie.

One of my families favorite appetizers is, Alligator Bites.  They slice the tail section of the alligator into bite size pieces, dip them in a batter, than deep fry them.

The alligator meat is tender and juicy and I hate to say it, but it tastes like chicken.  Isn't it strange how unusual food typically tastes like chicken. They serve the Alligator Bites with a sweet, spicy, and slightly sour sauce called, Tiger Sauce.

 What is the most unique food item you have eaten? 

On Friday, I will be posting a after school snack 
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  1. You just opened my old eyes to brand new food I have never tasted or heard of; Really curious now...alligator and tiger sauce. I don't think I would ever find this up here.

  2. The most unique foods I have ever eaten would have to be escargot and soup with actual turtle in it (I had the latter in New Orleans). Amazingly I liked them both!

  3. Oh my that is unusual food I have eaten snails and frogs legs..

  4. It looks like chicken, too:) Don't know if I could eat that, but it does look good!

  5. I have never tried alligator meat, and I don't think I will! I'm a chicken person!! :)

  6. I have tried alligator a few different places, I'd say the texture is similar to chicken but it is a little more "gamey", imo. I liked it one place, not so much the other place.

  7. I've had alligator before and agree...just like chicken :)
    And I suppose I've eat a lot of unique things... sea urchin, pickled baby octopus, seaweed... yum!

  8. Not a fan...but I think it's the idea of it...sort of the same way i feel about frog legs.


  9. I've had alligator and frog legs, didn't care for either.

    LOVE LOVE Tiger Sauce. I use it in my rib baste when smoking spare ribs. I like it on eggs, tacos, you name it.