Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday's Tips & Tricks: Mailing Cookies

When my son was in college, I mailed him a lot of cookies!  His favorite, is my oatmeal cookie.  I tried several different ways to mail the cookies.  I finally settled on mailing the cookies in microwave plain flavor popcorn.  They protected the cookies without adding changing or add other flavors to the them. 

Make sure you wrap your cookies in plastic wrap or put them in a cookie tin first.  Then settle them in the middle of the popcorn, completely covering the cookies on all sides.

How do you mail your cookies?

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Chocolate and Peanut Butter Candy.
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  1. Why not package the popcorn, it can still mold around the cookies.... I have also used bagged candy- that works too...

  2. Kale's Best Friend, I have never had a problem with the popcorn molding. But, if you are worried about it, you could put the popcorn in a bag, then put the cookies in the middle of that, and close the plastic bag around the entire contents.

  3. I never thought to use real popcorn

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  5. What a great idea! As a popcorn lover I would hate to let go of those kernals but it would leave out that yucky packing peanut taste. I will have to try this out! 😃

  6. This is such a clever idea! I could never have thought of it!

  7. Good tip, Linda! Wish I had known this one years ago.

  8. Jennifurla, my Mom would mail cookies using popcorn as packing when I was a little girl.

    Jordan, I am sure Tyler wouldn't mind you sending him cookies to test out the popcorn method. He says you are an incredible baker and meatloaf maker! :)

    Thanks, Katerina!

    I am so glad you are back to blogging, Pam! I missed you!

  9. What an interesting idea! More popcorns pls! Hahaha!

    Happy holidays, Linda!
    Shirley's Luxury Haven

  10. Popcorn is much better for the environment than styrofoam peanuts.

  11. Blackswan, I love popcorn. It is hard not to eat too much of it when I am packing up cookies.

    Bo, you are so right! Plus, you can feed the packing popcorn to the birds.

  12. Large Scale Catering, thanks for stopping by!

    Thanks, Cajunlicious!

  13. Linda: I did not mean it would get moldy.. I meant that the popcorn can still form (mold) around the objects in the box...

  14. Kalei's Best Friend, mold is so terrible in humid climates! It gets on everything, I am sure you are right, it even gets on popcorn .