Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Top Tomatoes


When you are a new cook like my niece, Madison, the different types of fresh produce at the store can be intimidating.  Madison wanted a tomato to slice and use on the sub style sandwich she was planning to make and didn't know which tomato to choose. 
There are thousands of different types of tomatoes.  They come in all kinds of shapes, colors, and sizes.  But the top thee you will find in your local grocery store are as follows.

1.  Beefsteak Tomato: Is a large tomato, sometimes weighting between 1 and 2 pounds each.  Often any large tomato is called a Beefsteak.  They have a sweet flavor and a meaty texture like their name suggests.  It is a perfect tomato to slice and use on your sandwich.

2.  Cherry Tomatoes:  My favorite salad topper!  They are sweeter than other varieties.  They have been popular in the United States since at least the early 1900's.

4.  Roma or Plum Tomatoes:  Are slightly elongated, and have a firm flesh, little juice, and few seeds. They are ideal for making tomato sauce and paste.

My favorite tomato tip:  
Tomatoes will keep longer if stored stem end down.

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  1. I also love cherry tomatoes. They grow like seeds in the garden reseeding from year to year, and you can just throw them into a salad with ease. Have a good day, Diane

  2. Beefsteak! Can't wait until they're in the farmer's markets here!