Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cape Town, South Africa Part 2

I love the fresh seafood in South Africa!  Not only is it as fresh as it can be, it is also very inexpensive and the serving size is HUGE.

We didn't just eat our weight in seafood, we took a day off from the meetings we were attending there and took a trip out to Robben Island. 

The tour started off with a boat ride out to the island.

My husband Stan and I

Our son Tyler and his fiance Jordan (Gingerlocks' Kitchen)

Then we took a bus ride around the island.

The tour of the prison was lead by an ex political prisoner.  

The recipe card I am holding shows two different types of meals the prisoners were served.

Nelson Mandela's cell.

This is the gate that Nelson Mandela walked to his freedom through.   

It was an incredible trip and I love South Africa, but there is no place like home!

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  1. It sounds like a great trip and I can imagine how good the seafood was. I'm back on my blog now and have some catching up to do with your trip. It sounds like you're back home now. Have a good week!

  2. We went to Robben Island when Mandela was still there so it shows how long ago that was. You are making my mouth water with that sea food, yum yum. Take care Diane