Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mushroom Tips

Mushrooms; you either love them or hate them.  You can put me and my family in the love mushrooms column!  I am in good company in that column; Ancient Egyptians believed mushrooms were a plant of immortality.  The Pharaohs classified them as royal food and commoners were forbidden to even to touch them.

The Pharaohs may have been on to something.  Mushrooms are high in B vitamins and minerals.  On top of that, they are low in calories.  Just more reasons for me to love them!

The Button Mushroom is the most popular mushroom in the United States.  More than 90% of the mushrooms purchased in the US are the Button Mushroom.

Below are a few Mushroom Tips: 

1. Mushrooms will last longer if you store them in a paper bags in the crisper compartment of the refrigerator. 

2.   For the best flavor: Sauté mushrooms on low to medium heat.

3.    For the best texture: Sauté mushrooms on high heat.

4.  Only clean mushrooms when you are ready to us them.  Gently wipe mushrooms with a damp cloth or paper towel or clean them the good old fashioned way, by running them under cold water.

5.     Dried mushrooms: Soak dried mushrooms in hot water for 30 to 60 minutes.  Rinse and chop.  Save the soaking liquid to add to soups and sauces.  I use dried mushrooms more like a seasoning than a vegetable.

6.  You can freeze cooked mushrooms, but not raw ones.  Frozen mushrooms will last several months.

I buy my mushrooms at the grocery store.  I never go mushroom hunting.  I am too afraid to pick a poisonous one.  The cause of that fear was a movie I saw when I was a teenager.  I don't remember the name of the movie, but I remember the story.  A group of women killed a man with a soup made with poisonous mushrooms.  I think it may have scared me for life!

Do you love or hate mushrooms?  Have you ever gone mushroom hunting?

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  1. I always I have doubts when buying mushrooms, thanks for clearing the doubts

  2. Interesting post with masses of info. We love mushrooms! Diane

  3. I love mushrooms too! And as you mentioned, it's great that they are so healthy. Thanks for the tips!

  4. I love mushrooms, dried or fresh, they are really delicious! Thank you for the valuable tips, they are really helpful!

  5. thanks for sharing the tips..loved your space!

  6. Linda, I love mushrooms thanks by the tips, xx gloria

  7. We love mushrooms here! My parents always foraged for them, several different kinds; but, I'm not that brave now and get mine from the grocery store also. Thanks for the tips!

  8. What a great post Linda; we love mushrooms and I cook a lot with them, but there are 2 in my family that can't stand them. Have you ever come up with a substitute for them in a recipe?

  9. Rita, you could try replacing the mushrooms with zucchini or eggplant or just leave them out if possible.

  10. Great tips! I actually have 3 logs that have been seeded with shitake mushrooms...last year I got several pounds of mushrooms off of them. So far this year I have only seen 1 mushroom...I think the winter might have been too cold...as for foraging I think the only edible mushroom that grows here is Chicken of the woods and I have never tried it...We do have one variety of psychedelic mushroom here...I bet it would be interesting if a few of those got into a recipe.

  11. Thanks for this info. I'm a big fan of mushrooms and your tips are really useful to know.

  12. Hate them?? Never! I'm a huge fan of Mushrooms, any kind! Thks for the tips!

  13. Lovely tips. I too love mushrooms. But I never buy button mushrooms, I like maitake, chanterelles, porcinis. And I'd be too afraid of picking my own too!

  14. Eu gosto muito disto. Um abraço e bom fim de semana. Marta.