Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Quick Cooking Tips

I love doing  cooking demos.

Just like everyone else, my life is very busy.  Outside of the days that I schedule to test and create recipes, I do not have hours to spend in the kitchen.  The tips below, help me to make the most of the time I do have in the kitchen.

 Messy cabinet.

1. Organize your cabinets.  If you have to search for an ingredient or dish, you are wasting time.  Get rid of items that you don't use.  If you feel like you can't part with anything.  Put items that you haven't used in a long time, in a box and place the box in another room.   

2. Always read through a recipe before you get ready to cook it.  Check and make sure you have the ingredients that are required to make the recipe.  It seems I always have to make a run to the store for ingredients that I was SURE I had in the cabinet.

3. Gather all ingredients and tools needed to make the recipe.  Put them away as they are used.

4. As my Mom always says, "Clean as you go".  Fill the sink with soapy dishwater and wash the pans and tools when you finish using them, or place them in the dishwasher.
My niece Miley, loves to help in the kitchen!

5. Cook together.  The family that cooks together, stays together.  

6. Use shortcut ingredients such as: Bagged lettuce, frozen cut vegetables, pre-cut fresh vegetables, refrigerated dough, jarred sauces, etc. and cut up and prep ingredients ahead of time.  I clean and chop fresh ingredients when I bring them home, so they are ready to use in recipes.

7. Use your slow cooker.  It does the cooking while you are gone.  You come home to a delicious home cooked meal.  I use my slow cooker more in the summer than I do in the winter.  It cooks without making your house hot.  I make desserts, vegetables, and side dishes, to go along with whatever I am grilling. 

8. Use a kitchen timer.  It is very easy for me to get distracted when I cook and the timer has saved a meal or two at my house.

9. Pick recipes that have just a few ingredients.
I am always on the look out for cooking tips!  
What are your favorite kitchen tips? 

On Friday, I am posting my recipe for:
Too Cool Apple Cake

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  1. clean as you go is important. I also always pre-chop everything and measure.

  2. cook together is a nice thought !

  3. All great tips, I would not survive without my kitchen timer!! Diane

  4. Adorei suas informações,algumas coisas eu já fazia, outras não, o fogão lento por exemplo nunca utilizei. Um abraço, Marta

  5. Clean as you go is the best tip ever and I strongly agree with it. All the tips are good Linda and Miley is a cutie with those big dimples.

    Here's a tip for you: Sprinkle a little flour in the pan before frying bacon to decrease the splattering of grease.

  6. Love all your tips Linda and me too, I clean as I cook. So important to make sure you have all teh ingredients Before you start the recipe. Been there, dont that!

  7. Great tips! I too clean as I go and I think it's one of the greatest tips. My husband never does and it looks like a hurricane came through after he cooks!
    My greatest tip, being a stay at home mom of two really little ones, is to prep as much as you can ahead of time so when it's dinner time, all you have to do it assemble or just cook what you've already thrown together. I do as much as I can do while they're sleeping...even if it's early in the morning!

  8. The cooking timer is a super help for me! I get distracted easily... dogs, laundry, kids looking for something...

  9. My biggest downfall in the kitchen is to leave the WHOLE mess till the end! OY!

  10. Love how organized you are! Thks for the great tips!

  11. Excellent tips and I am impressed at the cupboard organization.

  12. Great tips, already following some of them, have always wondered about getting a slow cooker even if i am a stay at home mom but with a toddler and a baby on the way , maybe I should give it a go

  13. Staying organized is so crucial...it's also one of those things where it gets progressively harder the messier you get. If you stay on top of being organized, you'll be a comparative wizard in the kitchen.

  14. I agree with clean as you go, but if I can't then I soak or quick rinse. Egg,wet flour turn into concrete!when allowed to dry.