Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Strawberry Tips

Strawberries are my favorite fruit!  And apparently I am not the only one who feels that way.  Ninety four percent of US households consume strawberries.

When I bring strawberries home from the grocery store or the Farmers Market, I do not wash them until I am ready to consume them. Strawberries don't last very long when stored in the refrigerator, so  I try to consume fresh strawberries within 2 to 3 days of bringing them home.  If I am unable to eat all of the strawberries I purchased, I will freeze them. 

To freeze the strawberries,  I wash, hull, and dry them, then I arrange them in a single layer on a baking sheet and place it in the freezer.  After they are frozen, I place them in a resealable plastic freezer bag.  By doing this, I always have strawberries on hand when I want to make my Grilled Strawberry Shortcake recipe. 

On Friday I will post a recipe for:
Strawberry Cream Cheese Muffins

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  1. Nice job here linda, can never have enough strawberry recipes here in Florida... I live a few blocks away from the Strawberry festival each year.. they all are locally grown.. just as sweet as sugar! Thanks for sharing the freezing tips that is very valueable information form!

  2. I do not eat a lot of strawberries, not because I do not like them but the give me a tummy pain!! I will stick to my cherries and of course they are free from my garden. I may plant some strawberries soon though for Nigel, Diane

  3. Love Strawberries too..... Looking forward to your muffin recipe.

  4. I love strawberries, our local ones are sour and the imported ones are way too expensive! Thank you for the tip, it is extremely helpful!

  5. Claudia, My mom and sister live in Florida. I am going to have to check out the Strawverry Festival.

    Diane, Growing up our neighbor had a cherry tree. There was nothing better than picking those fresh cherries off of that tree.

    Thanks Rosemary!

    Kitchen Flavours, Oh what a shame! I hate it when the strawberries are not sweet and plump.

  6. Good tips with freezing. My family loves strawberries; I've picked many of them and made lots of jam. The second photo is spectacular!!!!! Love the colors and sharpness of it and the berries are sliced to perfection!!!

  7. Thanks Pam! It takes me a long time to take the pictures for the blog and then half of the time they don't turn out like I would like them to.

    Thanks, Torviewtoronto!

  8. OMG, Linda! You're such a temptress! Hahaha! Can never resist strawberries :)

  9. Strawberry cream cheese muffins sound fantastic! :)

  10. You have me trying to figure out a way to grill strawberries or strawberry shortcake.