Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How to Make Chicks Hatching Deviled Eggs

Peel and wash the hard boiled eggs.  Old eggs are easier to peel than fresh eggs.  Stand the egg up.  If it won't stand, cut a small amount off the bottom so it will.

Cut the top of the egg off.  Remove yolks.

Mix up your favorite Deviled Egg recipe Place the Deviled Egg mixture in a Ziploc bag.  Press the air out and close.

Cut a corner edge from the bag, large enough so you can pipe the egg mixture out. 

Fill the bottom egg white until it is overflowing.  

Place the top piece that you cut off, back on top of the egg yolk mixture.  

Cut a carrot into small pieces to make the beak.  Cut black olives for the eyes.  Arrange the carrot and black olive pieces into a face on the overflowing egg yolk mixture.  Repeat process with remaining eggs.

These little chicks make a cute and fun addition to your Easter meal! 

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  1. Too cute! They will be a hit here!!!

  2. So cute and a great idea. Have a good Easter, Diane

  3. Well how stinkin' cute is that!?!? and he's winking!

  4. These are adorable! I have seen these before and didn't even know how easy they were to make.